Orcs Must Die 3

Orcs Must Die 3 is receiving a new winter-themed DLC on November 11

Two new scenario maps have also now been added to the game.

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Orcs Must Die 3 is soon to receive its first DLC since it broke free from its Stadia exclusivity and landed on other platforms this July. The winter-themed DLC is called Cold As Eyes and it's planned to release on November 11. To celebrate the reveal of this DLC, the game has been discounted by 20% and two new scenario maps (Master's Courtyard and Hidden Dock) have now been added for free to Endless mode.

So what does the new DLC add? Cold As Eyes introduces a new Cyclopean race that can use totems to disable traps and they can also heal those close to dying allies. Additionally, a new flamethrower weapon will be introduced here and so will a Molten Gold trap that has the power to transform your enemies into precious gold. On top of all of this, three new ice levels will be added to the Endless mode and there will be three new frosty scenarios.

You can take a look at the announcement trailer for the DLC in the video above.

Orcs Must Die 3

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