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Get Even

Olivier Derivière will be responsible for Get Even's music

The music will react to the player in real-time.

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Olivier Derivière, an IFMCA award-winning composer who has worked on projects such as Assassin's Creed IV Freedom Cry, has been announced as the composer responsible for the music of The Farm 51's horror game Get Even.

Derivière is famous for his work on films, video games, and animation, and is known for his "innovative approach to connecting his music to the player's game experience," according to a press release. He is hoping to achieve player immersion through music once more here, and to do this, the music will react in real-time to the actions of the player.

"Through the use of real-time MIDI, live musicians recorded in ambisonics, and other audio tricks, the gaming environment itself is now an orchestra waiting to be conducted, and everything in it is a potential instrument," explains Derivière.

The score was recorded by the Brussels Philharmonic at Galaxy Studios in Belgium, combining an orchestra with electronic music.

Get Even will release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on May 26. How much do you think music can influence your experience in a game?

Get Even

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