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Nintendo expects a "strong performance" from the Switch over the next few years

And has nothing to announce regarding a "future console or device".

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Considering the Nintendo Switch still sells like hot cakes on an annual basis, it's no surprise that the Japanese games company isn't rushing to get a successor console out in the wild. Speaking about this very topic in an interview with AP News, Nintendo of America president, Doug Bowser stated:

"As we enter the seventh year for the Nintendo Switch, sales are still strong. I think we still have a very very strong lineup coming. As Mr. Furukawa (Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa) said recently, we're entering uncharted territory with the platform. It's exciting to see that demand is still there. So nothing to announce on any future console or device, but we are still feeling very bullish about Nintendo Switch."

Continuing further, Bowser gave an idea about Nintendo's Switch expectations for the future years.

"We feel very confident that the Switch can have a strong performance over the next few years is that it is still truly that unique device that you can play in a variety of ways, at home, on the go."

So, as expected, don't hold your breath on a Switch successor, even if it would be nice to get a more powerful follow-up.

Nintendo expects a "strong performance" from the Switch over the next few years

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