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Prey 2

New details about the original Prey 2 surface

Fans of the first Prey will miss Human Head's cancelled successor even more now.

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2006's Prey was at one point getting a sequel that wasn't a reboot like the release this year, and some new information has come to light giving us some interesting details about the canceled Prey 2 game by developer Human Head, a sequel that was being worked on until 2011.

The original Prey 2 had some serious story twists connecting game number two with its former installment. Every time your character Killian Samuels died in the game he would awaken in his apartment on the Exodus space station and lose parts of his memories, and if you finally managed to reach the later missions of the story you would uncover a secret (by facing countless dead bodies of yourself) just to realise what was happening in between the two games. When fighting the final boss (which is said to be Domasi 'Tommy' Tawodi - the hero of the first Prey) you then get to live a normal life back down at the earth just to die there and rewaken once again back at the Exodus.

Would you have liked to play the original vision of Prey 2 for yourself or are you pleased with Arkane's interpretation?

Prey 2

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