Neon Tail

Neon Tail mixes Jet Set Radio and Life is Strange

Rocket Juice Games Studio's Neon Tail had its demo made available recently, coming soon to early access.

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Are you a fan of Jet Set Radio? How about Life is Strange? Well, both games were admittedly major inspirations for Rocket Juice Games Studio while creating Neon Tail, an "open world roller skating game".

Players will be able to explore the streets of Bluepulse City while saving it from a "dimensional disaster". While controlling an unnamed young girl, you'll be able to interact with several characters, advancing a plot inspired by Life is Strange's "emotional connections and narration".

Neon Tail will be reaching Steam's early access in September, but a playable demo is already available if you care to try out the game.

No word on a console version just yet.

Neon TailNeon Tail
Neon TailNeon TailNeon Tail
Neon TailNeon TailNeon TailNeon Tail

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