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Prey 2

More signs that Prey 2 is canned

Human Head working on Rune.

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Human Head Studios have revealed on their Facebook page that they are considering making a sequel to the viking game Rune. A cult franchise that has been dormant for more than 10 years.

Given the relatively small size of the studio and the persistent rumours that Prey 2 has been cancelled by publishers Bethesda, it would appear that this is just one more sign signalling the cancellation of Prey 2 - a game we haven't seen much of since Gamescom last year.

Obviously, there is still the chance that Bethesda have moved the project to a new developer, or that Human Head have grown to take on two projects at the same time. But it's looking dark for Prey 2...

Prey 2
Prey 2Prey 2

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