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Prey 2

More Prey 2 confusion

Poor translation to blame?

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With no new information about Prey 2 since it was announced that it was pushed back to 2013, rumours are bound to surface. And this time it was Beef Jack who reported that the game had ultimately been cancelled. They referenced an IGN Benelux piece in which Bethesda's Pete Hines is attributed to the following quotes (Dutch through Google Translate):

"Last year, at the same Bethesda Gamers Days, Prey 2 was shown. The game garnered much acclaim, but then things went wrong. What really happened?

Hines: I can very briefly and clear. At one we looked Prey 2 and we decided that the game in this state, with all the money, time and resources that we have had stung, did not meet our expectations. Then we decided to stop by our side.

Can Human Head Studios game hosting to another publisher?

Hines: No, we possess the Prey 2 license.

Was it difficult to make the decision to Prey 2 stop? Or is that purely business?

Hines: It was business and hard, but at that moment the right decision. Such choices are never fun to make. It is terribly unfortunate, but these things sometimes hear at work. Unfortunately."

Google Translate makes it difficult to tell whether the word Hines used is cancelled or postpone - the latter being the wording used by Bethesda to describe the events previously. And given that Hines works with PR it's hard to imagine that he let any non-official information slip.

Pete Hines tweeted a message to that effect:

"To clarify, I didn't say Prey 2 was canx. Gave an interview in English, translated to Dutch, translated back to English. #LostInTranslation"

So currently the status of Prey 2 is unknown, but officially it's still in development and hopefully we'll see something from it soon.

Prey 2

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