MiniBotz has you fighting gummy bears and roaches

We talked to Spydersoft's Jeremy Tarwater at PAX East.

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MiniBotz is a fast-paced arcade brawler from Spydersoft which puts you in control of a two inch tall robot. Fighting your way through a run-down trailer, you blast through hordes of cockroaches and gummybears to survive. We caught up with one of the developers, Jeremy Tarwater, at PAX East to learn more about the game.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the gritty, realistic environments, Jeremy explained:

"We thought it would be pretty different to actually play in more of a real life environment, mixed in all sorts of goofy antics going on, like power-ups, rockets, black holes spawning and radiation poising."

He also spoke more about the gameplay and design behind the robot characters, telling us "we wanted it to be as easy as possible for anyone to pick up and play, so they all have a basic control scheme but they all have a different feel."


The robots differ by weapons and play-style; some are able to shoot across a longer range, while others are more melee-focused.

"We just added a fifth bot - we called him Carmine," Jeremy told us. "We had a kid at PAX South come by and give us a design for a robot, and we based him off that. We named him after the kid. It was pretty awesome, he was like four-years-old... he's one of the coolest bots in the game."

The Early Access build currently includes five robots and five levels, but the developer promises more are on the way. MiniBotz is available now on Steam Early Access, with plans to release on console in the future.


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