Mike Flanagan to direct a new Exorcist film

And the ongoing trilogy has been canned following a conflicting last outing.

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Universal put all of its chips into Halloween's David Gordon Green's hands to make a trilogy of Exorcist films for around $400 million. However, The Exorcist: Believer debuted and failed to impress critically or commercially and now the production giant seems to have pivoted in a new direction.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Universal has canned the idea of an Exorcist trilogy and has instead tapped Mike Flanagan (known for several Netflix horror works like The Haunting of Hill House and Midnight Mass) to write, direct, and produce a new Exorcist film.

This will not be a sequel to Believer but it will be set in the same universe all the same. The movie will be co-developed alongside Blumhouse. Flanagan has confirmed this is set to happen in a short comment on X, meaning now all eyes are on plot details, casting, release window, and other exciting details that will be shared in time.

Mike Flanagan to direct a new Exorcist film

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