MaXXXine shown in new horrifying trailer

The horror film, the third in a supposed trilogy, debuts in cinemas this July.

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After the success of X and Pearl, Ti West is back with a third horror movie in the same series called MaXXXine. Here, the protagonist Maxine (played by Mia Goth) moves to Los Angeles during the happy 80s to become a famous actress, but as you might suspect, it will not happen without a real bloodbath where a stalker seems to lurk in the shadows.

Now we've got a second trailer for MaXXXine, which opens in theaters on July 5, that lets us check out what's in store. MaXXXine was supposed to be the end of a trilogy, but as with good horror series, they don't really have an ending and West has already flagged that he has ideas for a fourth movie - something we definitely won't turn down if he can maintain this level of quality.

Check out the new trailer below.


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