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Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces gets 3.0.0 update

New Ring Shot modes have been added, included Yoshi Ring Shot that allows you to unlock Yoshi variants for a limited time.

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As of yesterday Nintendo's Mario Tennis Aces has been updated to version 3.0.0, and as revealed by the official patch notes, we have plenty to see, including a new mode called Ring Shot.

This mode lets you compete for high scores by aiming for rings that appear on the court, meaning you have to focus on maintaining a rally while also getting these extra points. This comes via Ring Shot Singles, Ring Shot Doubles, and Yoshi's Ring Shot, with each featuring a co-op mode letting you play with a friend to get these high scores. There are also levels from Beginner to Advanced.

With regards to Yoshi's Ring Shot, this co-op challenge will only be available until June 1, and clearing the Advanced VS Challenge on this mode is the only way to get a purple Yoshi. Here you get four times as many points if you hit the ball through a ring the same colour as the Yoshi you're controlling, and you can get three different Yoshis - pink, light blue, and orange.

Elsewhere an opening movie has been added to Adventure Mode, which can be watched at any time via the Bonus section of the Adventure Mode menu.

For more details on the changes made to characters and tweaks to the shot system, check out the patch notes, where we also find out the new rank of Ace has been added to online rankings, for players with a rating of 5,000 or higher.

Will you be playing these new modes?

Mario Tennis Aces

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