Magic the Gathering: Arena

Magic the Gathering: Arena is now available on PC

The free-to-play game includes 15 starter decks, tutorials, and AI battles.

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After a long period of testing the waters, Magic the Gathering: Arena has been officially released on PC. The game is essentially Magic the Gathering in digital form, with a free-to-play format. Players can unlock 15 starter decks, to discover their own play-style, and they can even go through several tutorials to get familiar with all the mechanics.

The focus of the game is on player versus players conflicts, but you can also challenge the AI for practice matches - also a good way of trying out decks and strategies.

Interested in giving it a go? Then click here and download it for free.

Magic the Gathering: Arena
Magic the Gathering: ArenaMagic the Gathering: ArenaMagic the Gathering: Arena

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