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Lords of the Fallen (2014)

Lords of the Fallen "the first really challenging new-gen game"

We talk to Lords of the Fallen's executive producer Tomasz Gop about the demonic realm, new-gen effects, challenging players and more.

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We once again caught up with executive producer Tomasz Gop to find out more about the soon to be unleashed action-RPG Lords of the Fallen.


"There's a human realm and there's a demonic realm in the game," says Gop. "And it's important player journey wise for us to give player perspective from both worlds, because it's going to be very, very important for very valid and important decisions later on in the game. That you have a perspective on who humans are, what are their goals? Who demons are, what are their goals? Why there is a war between worlds, realms, species sort of to say."

Gop went into further detail on the difference of the realms underlining that it's not a case of the same areas reskinned. He also spoke of the importance of people enjoying the experience regardless of whether they successfully finished the Gamescom demo.

"A lot of people are praising the looks of Lords of the Fallen," says Gop. "It's true that the things that we have, the physical particles, the cloth simulation, a lot of the nice and intense lighting effects, it would not be possible on a previous generation of hardware. So that is also great step forward for very, very challenging... it might as well be that Lords of the Fallen is going to be the first really, really challenging game on the new generation of hardware. And I'm also waiting for Bloodborne as well. Definitely."

Lords of the Fallen is scheduled to drop on PC, PS4, Xbox One on October 28.

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