Lords of the Fallen (2014)

Lord of the Fallen's DLC will encourage exploration

Expansion will take place between realms, will feature new enemies and a labyrinth.

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Lords of the Fallen was a bit of a tough nut to crack, as the game was surprisingly hard. But all who enjoyed it will be pleased to know that it will receive an expansion in the future. GameInformer interviewed the game's executive producer Tomasz Gop about the franchise's future, as well as discussing the expansion itself.

The expansion will take place in-between the Human and Demonic Realms. It deals with the story behind the Fallen God Adyr being overthrown. He stored his secrets in a very special place, which is protected by a labyrinth that's infested with demons.

Gop explains that the labyrinth encourages exploration, which is something new to the game. The new area is interwoven with the base game, and players can expect to find new items and equipment. There are also new enemies and one boss, who will behave very differently from those found in the base game. However, there will be no new skills or such, as the expansion is designed to add similar content to that already featured in the original game.

When asked if there will be more DLC in the future, Gop refused to comment on the question:

"More DLC? I can't really comment on it at the moment. I am personally very fond of one particular DLC idea for Lords, but since decisions like this are purely business in the end of the day, let me not put the cart before the horse here, please!"

The game will be patched before the release of the DLC, but no release dates for the patch or DLC were given.

Lords of the Fallen (2014)

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