Life is Strange 2

Life is Strange lets players look at situations "with new eyes"

Dontnod talked to us at Gamescom about social commentary in the series, which is more about showing players different situations and themes.

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With Life is Strange 2 just receiving its fourth episode last month, we caught up with writer Jean-Luc Cano and co-creative director Michel Koch to talk about the series as a whole, and we asked them what they think of social commentary in the games.

"Video games are a powerful media, and there are so many different sorts of games that you can create. You can create action games, you can create puzzle games, you can create story-based games, and there is definitely a place for stories that can have some sort of social commentary or have some opinions in it," Koch explained.

"Our goal as developers is not to give lessons to people, to say 'okay you have to think this way' or 'it's good to think this way'," Cano adds. "What we really want to do is to place the player in front of a situation they don't have the ability to be confronted [by], and maybe not change [their] mind, but maybe change [their] way of thinking about some themes, yeah, to look at them with new eyes."

What do you think of social commentary and politics in games?

Life is Strange 2

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