Life is Strange 2

Life is Strange 2's Episode 3 has a new teaser

Wastelands is continuing the adventure next month, and we can prepare for the third episode and purchase episodes individually now.

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Earlier this year the remaining episodes for Dontnod's Life is Strange 2 were all dated, meaning we know when all the rest of the episodes are landing before 2019 is over, and now we have a new teaser video to prepare us for Episode 3 of the journey.

Episode 3 is called Wastelands, and will be coming on May 9 to continue Sean and Daniel Diaz's adventure. We won't spoil the details here in case you haven't played the first two episodes, but there's friction between the siblings in Wastelands.

Life is Strange 2 episodes will also be available to purchase separately from the season bundle from now on too, meaning Episode 2 is available on its own.

"The Life is Strange team is always reading the feedback from the players, and we saw the overwhelming demand for the option to purchase episodes individually following the launch of Episode 2 of Life is Strange 2." Said Jon Brooke, Co-Head of Studio at Square Enix External Studios. "It took a bit of time to set it up since we needed to ensure all episodes can be played individually and even out of order, which wasn't the original design. But we are glad to finally be able to announce that the fans can now purchase each Episode of Life is Strange 2 individually on launch day from now on."

"We'd like to continue by thanking all fans who've supported the project by purchasing the Season Pass or those who plan to buy individual episodes and those who continue to give feedback on the episodes. Life is Strange 2 is a live development project and all fan insights and reactions help improve the game and the offering as we create it."

What do you think of the game's story so far?

Life is Strange 2

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