Life is Strange 2

Life is Strange 2's brothers have "changed a lot from start to finish"

As we prepare for the fifth and final part of Dontnod's episodic sequel, we talk to the actors behind Daniel and Sean.

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Life is Strange 2's poignant story is set to come to a conclusion in the fifth and final episode of this second season, which is due to land on December 3. With that release date on the horizon, we caught up with actors Gonzalo Martin and Roman George, and voice director Phil Bache, to find out more about the progression of brothers Sean and Daniel throughout these five episodes.

"I really like the differences that you can see in Sean in Episode 1 to Sean in Episode 5," Gonzalo Martin explained. "I have a lot of respect for Sean as a character, for all the things that he had to go through, and he still overcame all of those obstacles and he's just grown so much and I've grown so much with him as well."

His on-screen brother, Roman George, then added how Daniel "started out really immature, a little bit. He changed a lot from start to finish. He's more mature, he's starting to control his powers more. He understanding a lot more."

During the same interview, voice director Phil Bache talked to us about how they handle the hard-hitting themes that have come to characterise this uniquely emotional episodic series.

"There's always pressure talking about this kind of stuff and hitting on some of these hard topics, but I think it has to come from a truthful place because they are such hard topics that if we're not taking it seriously, if we're not spending the time to get what that truth is and what that actually feels like to be there, it ends up being disingenuine."

"So I end up putting a lot of the pressure on these guys to bring that out. But the fact that we're working with some of these organisations [such as Centrepoint], and the fact that we're able to talk about some of the stuff - it introduces people to things that maybe they normally wouldn't see or be exposed to in their normal lives."

Episode 5 of Life is Strange 2 is heading to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on December 3.


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