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Overwatch 2

Learn all about Overwatch 2's Kiriko in origin story trailer

The Support character will be playable when the sequel debuts on October 4.

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In a couple of weeks, Blizzard Entertainment will be launching its highly anticipated shooter sequel, Overwatch 2. When that time arrives, the original Overwatch will cease to exist and will be replaced with the updated title that is adding new maps, changing the gameplay severely, and is also bringing three new heroes.

Talking about that latter point, on the run up until launch, we've been seeing new bits of information and trailers about the Support hero Kiriko, and the latest of this bunch includes an origin story trailer that looks into the character's backstory and aims to explain her motivations for becoming part of the Overwatch team.

You can check out the new video below, and can look to play Kiriko for the first time when Overwatch 2 debuts on October 4 - with all original Overwatch owners getting instant access to Kiriko and new players having to unlock her through the free track of the Season One battle pass.

Overwatch 2

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