Metaphor: ReFantazio

Last-minute change at Metaphor: ReFantazio with one of its voice actors

Toru Furuya has been removed from the project and a new voice casting will be held in July to replace him.

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Japan seems to be getting very serious about inappropriate behaviour by well-known figures. Just this year, we have seen several scandals involving voice actors in anime series having affairs with fans or taking advantage of their popularity to subjugate them, even going as far as abuse. And for some time now there has been a zero tolerance policy towards this. Now it has also reached video games.

Atlus has informed in an official statement that voice actor Toru Furuya has been removed from the upcoming Metaphor: ReFantazio, after being accused of physically assaulting a woman he was in a relationship with, even causing the victim to miscarry. The actor has also been removed from his current role in the Detective Conan series, and you will also recognise his voice in the roles of Yamcha (Dragon Ball) and Sabo (One Piece).

Atlus has also announced that they will be re-casting his character (which has been kept secret) in July, so that all of his lines can be recorded in time for the release of Metaphor: ReFantazio on October 11.

Metaphor: ReFantazio

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