Kingdom Come: Deliverance II

Kingdom Come: Deliverance II is 25% bigger than the first game

The performance has been slightly hampered by the Xbox Series S.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance II looked stunning when it was officially revealed recently, and since then we've been waiting to hear more about what we can expect from this sequel. According to Czech website Zing.cz, the game will be 25% bigger than its predecessor.

Apparently, the scope could have been larger, but producer Martin Klíma confirmed that the ambition had to be hampered slightly due to the limitations of the Xbox Series S. Because that console only has 25% more RAM than the previous gen, the game only increased by 25%.

Simple maths, really, but it seems like that we will be getting some stable console performance, too, with the game expected to run at 4K/30 FPS on Xbox Series X and PS5. The 30 FPS might disappoint some, but the game is apparently already running well at that frame rate.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance II

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