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IO Interactive unveils new Hitman content and GOTY edition

Four-part Patient Zero mini-campaign revealed, elusive targets to return.

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IO Interactive is ready to release the first batch of Hitman content following the studio's recent split with former-publisher Square Enix.

First up, everything is being packaged together in a game of the year edition that'll be available digitally on November 7 (with a , which will include all of the content released for the game so far, including the new Patient Zero campaign.

The new mini-campaign sees IO repurposing the original sandbox maps once again (there have been a couple of bonus episodes already), this time with four news missions complete with new dialogue, briefings and audio. We're also promised a few "surprises".

Another key announcement is the reactivation of the elusive targets. These limited-time one-attempt contracts will make a return, giving longtime players another bite at the apple, while also allowing newcomers the chance to experience this online-only content.

The expansion is priced at $60 (we're still on the lookout for UK/euro prices and will update you once we have them), and existing players can spend $20 and upgrade to get the new content, which is more carefully detailed here.


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