Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown launches through Xbox One Game Preview

The match-based online survival game is now available for early adopters on Xbox.

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Crytek has brought its multiplayer bounty hunting game Hunt: Showdown to Xbox One, and it's available to purchase now via the console's Game Preview program.

It's 1895 in Louisiana and the aim of the game is to hunt monsters for gold and fend off waves of enemies to survive. Striking riches paints a target on your back and opposing players will try to steal your bounty before you escape the map.

The multiplayer game features up to ten players - you're given the freedom to earn gold by yourself or work together in a team of two. Running across rural farmyards and boggy Louisiana swamps, it becomes a mission of earning the most loot you can while surviving monsters and enemy players. If you fail or die, you'll lose both character and gear, but the experience gained will be passed onto your next hunter.

The game also features changeable times of day, two main bosses, two maps to ransack, as well as a Quick Play mode for when you're running low on time to plunder.

You can purchase Hunt: Showdown on Xbox One now for £24.99 or 29.99 USD/EUR whilst the game remains in Early Access.


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