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Housemarque has "longterm plans" for Resogun

The future's a secret, but it could be "anything" says Housemarque's Mikael Haveri.

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Gamereactor's resident Resogun expert Arttu Rajala caught up with Housemarque's Mikael Haveri to discuss the studio's heritage, the development of Resogun and the future of the game.


When asked about the future Haveri referred to having "longterm plans", when pressed further he expanded a little beyong that.

"It's between half a year and ten years", said Haveri. "Imagine this though, if you like premise and concept of Resogun, we have voxels so we can pretty much do anything. We can do variations and do small tweaks or we can go completely out of it and start with anything, because it's like a lego world and you can just build anything you want. So I think that's beauty of it."

"We wanted to first of all have the shooter for the next generation. And I think to some degree we've established that. But we'd now like to continue from there and I think that's where the beauty of it lies. You never know what's out there."

Vague, vague hints. But it does sound a little like Housemarque are looking to surprise us with DLC for Resogun that's potentially very different from the original game. A platformer from the human's perspective? Sounds scary, but this is purely speculation. Anything is possible with voxels in the end.

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