Hitman's July update is now here, and there's a lot to see

Including Xbox One loading times, combat changes, and more.

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We reported earlier this week that Hitman's final elusive target, The Entertainer, has arrived to the game as of today, and now the game's July update is here, bringing many changes with it.

Xbox One users, for instance, have been reporting that the game was taking longer than usual to load, especially when it came to restarting contracts. As a result, IO Interactive has now reduced loading times back to normal.

Combat changes have also been made, with "the intended result of these changes [...] to make combat more satisfying and viable for all players." One of these changes is the fire rate of NPC pistols being reduced, as well as increasing how quickly the player snaps to NPC target when aim assists are on. Agent 47's health regenerate speed has increased as well as part of these changes, and the damage he takes at mid to long range has also been decreased.

The Professional difficulty has also been changed, as it now only requires Mastery level 5, not 20 as before, so all players over level 5 will now unlock the difficulty when they next update the game. On the topic of Mastery levels, some players had issues unlocking trophies and achievements for reaching level 20, and this has also been changed so the game rechecks whether you've reached level 20 when the game is launched.

There's also fixes to a number of other issues as part of this update as well, such as the to an issue causing guards to repeatedly drop weapons they picked up, as well as a fix for the bug that caused the Opportunity Maker to disappear after a cycle of saving or loading.

For more on this update check out the full release notes. Have you been able to kill The Entertainer?


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