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Highlights from UploadVR's E3 2019 press conference

Meat Fortress, The Walking Dead, Budget Cuts sequel and more VR announcements inbound.

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In its debut at the Los Angeles expo, UploadVR broadcast its first ever E3 presentation. The broadcast was entirely dedicated to virtual reality projects, featuring over 30 upcoming games due to release across all major VR headsets. We've put together a few highlights from the show, looking at some of the exclusive reveals and previews:

After The Fall announcement: - Developed by Vertigo Games, After The Fall is the next big VR shooter to come from the studio behind Arizona Sunshine. Unlike the latter, you won't be fighting back zombies this time, but there'll be similar creatures known as the Snowbreed, victims of a new ice age as humans have been mutated into monsters. The trailer features no gameplay but promises something of a Left4Dead experience in its co-operative multiplayer.

After The Fall will release on major VR headsets next year. You can sign up for the beta on the game's official website.


First gameplay for The Walking Dead: Onslaught VR - The Walking Dead: Onslaught is a VR first-person shooter based on the popular AMC television series and we finally got a first taste of its gameplay during Upload's showcase. Survios' adaption looks to be packed with gore and blood, battling your way through walker hordes with headshots and grotesque dismemberment.

Very little is still known about the game's narrative, however, there will be appearances from the show's iconic cast of characters such as Daryl, Michonne and Rick. The Walking Dead: Onslaught is coming to Rift and Vive this fall, with additional VR platforms likely following suit.


Audica and Dance Central: Harmonix updates - Harmonix has announced new DLC for both its rhythm shooter Audica and musical boogie title Dance Central.

New content for Audica will consist of additional tracks, a new environment, more weapons and a refined leaderboard system. The update will be added to the Early Access title later this month. In addition, an in-game editor is now available for aspiring DJs who fancy remixing songs to share with friends or enter community competitions to win prizes.

Dance Central is getting new DLC in the form of a fitness app which allows you to track the number of calories burned during play time. To help you break a sweat, NPC challengers will also be added to the game, along with six new tracks. The update is coming to both Oculus Quest and Rift platforms.


Meat Fortress is TF2-inspired DLC - Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades is receiving DLC inspired by 2007 shooter Team Fortress 2. The PC VR sim will be getting weapons, sandbox maps and game modes all based around Valve's classic multiplayer game. The Meat Fortress update will be arriving in H3VR on June 28.


Budget Cuts is getting a sequel - Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency is the follow-up to 2018's critically-acclaimed stealth VR game from Neat Corporation. You play as a robot who's in danger of being out of a job when its employer has decided to cut costs on labour machinery. The original had you sneaking through offices, avoiding the deathly HR staff and messing around with all the fun equipment.

The sequel looks to be more of the same daft fun with an improved arsenal of gadgets, alongside new enemies and environments to sneak your way through. Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency is releasing later this year.


Arizona Sunshine and Echo Arena coming to Oculus Quest - Oculus's standalone headset is receiving two new games. First up from Vertigo Games, first-person zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine. The Quest version will be launching later this year, with its campaign mode playable solo or in multiplayer co-op, along with survival modes for up to four players.

In addition, Arizona Sunshine will be receiving a new DLC mission titled 'The Damned.' The new level is the largest in the game so far as players battle their way through a massive dam. The Damned will be releasing on existing platforms on August 27.

Quest users also have another game to look forward to as Ready At Dawn's zero gravity sports title Echo Arena was confirmed for the platform. The team-based multiplayer game originally came to Rift two years back, where you're essentially playing ultimate frisbee on ice with zero-G physics. A release window for Quest has yet to be revealed.


Solaris announced - From the developers of PSVR-exclusive shooter Firewall Zero Hour comes a new project. First Contact Entertainment released a brief teaser trailer announcing its new multiplayer first-person shooter Solaris: Offworld Combat. Little more is known about the game, but it's due to release for Oculus Quest and Rift platforms later this year.

Highlights from UploadVR's E3 2019 press conference

The SoulKeeper VR gets new gameplay - The ambitious episodic role-playing game has received new gameplay footage, showing off its Unreal Engine visuals, and it's arguably the most aesthetically impressive VR game to date. The dark, gothic tone is reminiscent of Dark Souls whilst offering a huge scope of exploration, combat and mechanics of a fully-fledged RPG. The SoulKeeper VR is still available (in a work-in-progress state) through Steam's Early Access.


New Boneworks footage: - This impressive physics-based FPS is coming to SteamVR-supported headsets. The new gameplay clip has given us a look at the facility environment, with a new enemy type and a closer look at the combat mechanics. Boneworks is releasing for Index, Rift, Vive and Windows VR later this year.


Pistol Whip announced - To end the presentation on a bang, developer Cloudhead Games unveiled a new title which is inspired by Beat Saber and Superhot. Pistol Whip is a rhythmic first-person shooter with a flashy neon-draped aesthetic. The lengthy reveal trailer describes its blend of genres, inspirations and shows off some of the bullet-flying action in fresh gameplay footage.

Pistol Whip is coming to all major VR headsets later in the year.


It seems like a good time to be a VR player right now. What did you think of UploadVR's first ever E3 presentation?

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