Halloween is coming today to Fortnite

The spooky season is in full bloom across the gaming world. Get ready for the Fortnitemares 2019!

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We're almost at Halloween, and Epic Games is finally going to embrace the scariest holiday out there (except Children's Day, if you're a parent, that's terrifying). Via Fortnite's Twitter, we got confirmation that "Fortnitemares 2019" is starting today at 2pm CET, with the tagline "Face your Fears", although no other information was provided.

Taking previous Fortnitemares for example, Epic Games should add some new events and changes to the game's map, like last year, when Fortnitemares resulted in an infestation of Cube Monsters when the Cube was still a thing. In other words, there were zombie-like creatures all over the place, and while the novelty was fun, after a while most players just got annoyed with it.

So we're curious to see what is Epic Games going to bring to the table today, aside, of course, of several Halloween themed items and costumes you can already buy at the game's store.


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