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Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V has sold 165 million copies

And the Grand Theft Auto series has surpassed the 375 million units milestone.

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To absolutely no surprise, Grand Theft Auto V has continued to sell incredibly well, and as noted in the latest quarterly report from Take-Two Interactive, GTA V has officially surpassed the 165 million sold copies milestone.

This comes as the game officially made its Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 debut in March, a release which saw the game become a trigeneration title. To this avail, the report also notes that the Grand Theft Auto series has also reached the 375 million sold units milestone.

Otherwise, as detailed in the report, Rockstar's other major current franchise, Red Dead Redemption has reached 67 million sold copies, with Red Dead Redemption 2 accounting for 44 million of that figure, with that being enough for it to be the second best-selling title in the US in the last five years when looking solely at dollar sales.

Grand Theft Auto V

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