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GTA V community solves a big mystery years after release

A big foot forward for this group of dedicated fans.

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20 players scanning through the code of Grand Theft Auto V have unravelled a secret that has been in the game for years unsolved.

Rockstar have toyed with fans for a while - last year there was the hunt for a plant that turned players into a powerful Bigfoot. That wasn't all the Bigfoot-related secrets up the sleeves of Rockstar, though, and there was more in the game's code.

According to a report of events these players had to scan through the code whenever the game was updated to find the location of six other of these plants, called golden peyotes, which have to be eaten in specific days, times and weather conditions. Since it is hard to get these game conditions during normal play so players had to edit the game state themselves to achieve this.

Rockstar did leave a couple of clues for these fans, adding in the plants only when they got close to finding each.

The result of all of this hard work was a battle between the player and The Beast, a character based on Michael J. Fox's Teen Wolf. Beating him does unlock a skin for use in the director mode, though, so it's all worth it in the end.

Grand Theft Auto V
There's more to GTAV than meets the eye.

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