Grand Theft Auto V

GTA Online Introduces Winter Event

Grab a new mask and weapon skin over the Christmas period.

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While a lot of news nowadays might be focusing on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI, until we eventually get our hands on that game we're stuck roaming the streets of Los Santos. Rockstar has tried to make its latest GTA game as entertaining as possible, though, with the addition of consistent updates.

The latest update for GTA Online (as spotted by Eurogamer) brings two new mini events for players, and they are references to the classic Christmas movies Die Hard and The Grinch. The Die Hard reference in GTA Online involves a shootout in Weazel Plaza between robbers and the LSPD.

If a player gets involved in the shootout, they'll earn themselves a new skin for the Pistol Mk II. Another random event in the world is the appearance of "The Gooch" a clear parody of the Grinch that will attack players.

Should they fight him off, they'll earn a bit of cash and The Gooch Mask as a reward. The Christmas event doesn't have a lot of content, but considering it's only running until the 29 of December players might be grateful they'll only have to spend a short amount of time to claim their rewards.

Grand Theft Auto V

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