Dungeon Defenders II

GRTV: Dungeon Defenders II Interview

We talk to Trendy about the new competitive MOBA mode, adding more characters and the PAX experience.

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Trendy Entertainment's Josh Isom talks to us about the new competitive mode in Dungeon Defenders II (or MOBA mode if you will), as well as some of the changes to the standard co-op mode.

"Our competitive mode is a third person MOBA. We're going for a more streamlined MOBA, so like 20-25 minute matches, a simpler item system, so trying to make it a little bit easier for newer MOBA players."

"The game was a top down MOBA for a while and some of our beta team members gave us some feedback. It was an idea [third person camera] that we were kicking around internally as well. And we tried it out and we loved it. We felt it fit Dungeon Defenders more. It gave it a more personal experience, kind of helped the game stand out a little bit from the crowd."

"The competitive mode is in closed beta right now, the co-operative mode will be in beta later this year. We haven't talked about a release date at the moment. We currently developing for PC, Mac, iOS, Android and web and we're developing them to be all cross-platform."

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