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Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V compared between PS5 and Xbox Series X

Both seem to be pretty even across the board.

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An upgraded version of Grand Theft Auto V was finally released officially for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X last week, and the tech savvy folks over at Digital Foundry has yet again delivered an impressive comparison, finding out what the difference between the two versions are.

While they generally seem to have got the same amount of love, there are in fact a couple of small things that set them apart in the three graphics modes: Performance (fixed 4K/30fps), Fidelity (1440p/60fps) and Performance Ray-Tracing. One of the differences comes from the loading times, which have been cut a lot. Getting to Trevor's trailer now only takes 23.18 seconds on PlayStation 5, compared to 2+ minutes for PlayStation 4. Xbox Series X is even faster and loads this in 20.76 seconds.

Looking at the graphics, Digital Foundry has noted that "PS5 renders an additional shadow under cars", all while "the cube-map reflections across vehicles are of a higher quality on Xbox Series X". Besides minor stuff like these, the two versions seems to be closely tied in this department.

When it comes to performance, there are some tiny differences, as the frame drops to some extent during taxing sequences. During the 'Mr Philips' mission, the frame rate in the Performance Ray-Tracing mode "takes a hit to almost the 40fps line in the most explosive scenes" for PlayStation 5 and for "Xbox Series X, there's still a dip, but this time to 50fps". There are scenes where this is reversed, however, so it seems like another quite even conclusion.

Playing the 4K Fidelity mode, the frame rate seems pretty much locked to 30fps, with Digital Foundry only having one exception, noting that they "saw just one drop: yes, Mr Philips strikes back, this time causing a drop to 20fps on Playstation 5, where the impact on Series X was much less pronounced at 27fps"

Basically, if you really love Grand Theft Auto V, it seems like you will be a happy gangster no matter the version you end up with.

Grand Theft Auto V

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