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Godfall presentation shows long swords and double blades

Check out nine minutes of PS5 gameplay with a general game overview and a small scale boss battle against the Phalanxer.

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Keith Lee from Counterplay Games has been talking in more detail about Godfall, an action game that Gearbox Publishing would like to market under the term "looter-slasher" - which makes sense since they also made the looter-shooter otherwise known as Borderlands 3. The material from yesterday's State of Play presentation was recorded on a Playstation 5 dev kit (according to Counterplay) and it looks very smooth indeed.

Godfall was described as a 3D actioner with a focus on character progression. Players take on the role of a divine warrior who wants to stop a god gone mad. Because this foe doesn't want to reveal itself, we beat his minions (either alone or with up to two online companions) until he finally decides to face us. The latest gameplay video explains the third-person hack 'n' slash game's basic pillars, followed by a showcase of two of the five weapon classes and a short boss fight.

In his presentation, Lee makes it clear that Godfall heavily relies on loot progression, but at the same time players have to master the corresponding classes. The combat seems to be aimed primarily at aggressive players, although we can defend ourselves at any given time and even reflect enemy attacks if necessary. We can also throw our shield at enemies, a nice counterattacking move.

Counterplay Games also demonstrated the various attacks and abilities of the long sword and double blade classes. There are five weapon types in total, but the two-handed hammer, the two-handed long sword, and polearms will be revealed and detailed at a later date. According to the devs, the title will release as a "complete package" at the end of the year for PC and PS5, with no microtransactions or expansions pending.


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