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The Callisto Protocol
Featured: Gamescom 2022 Coverage

Glen Schofield: The Callisto Protocol has "like 87 cameras right now"

Legendary action horror game director recalls "we learned a lot on Dead Space" and talks to us about the cam work done for Striking Distance's anticipated title.

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At Gamescom 2022 last week we were privy to an exciting, horrifying extended gameplay demo of The Callisto Protocol at the Krafton booth and via Meridiem Games, one that was BCD and 10 minutes longer than what Glen Schofield introduced together with Geoff Keighley on the ONL stage. And besides the brutality and tension, if there was something that caught our attention, that was the clever camera work no matter the situation, making everything look more natural, believable, and cinematic.

"You are the first one to bring that up, which is pretty observant because the camera... we spent so much time pulling it in, pulling it out, you know, changing the angle, this or that", pointed out the CEO and game director during his Gamereactor interview. "And we learned a lot on Dead Space, so we knew a lot of things, but of course, the character is different and we're showing different things so it had to be changed".

"On top of that, we didn't realise, throughout the game we have like 87 different cameras right now", adds Schofield. "You know, like I'm going through an area, I'm crawling, those are all different cameras. Sometimes he's got his hand up when he's going through, sometimes his hands down, that changes the camera angle. Sometimes it's a little behind him because we wanted to show you something over there, or other times it's in front of him so you see his face. So, good call. Yeah, there's a ton of camera work in there".

The Callisto Protocol releases December 2, 2022 as one of the most anticipated titles of the year. Stay tuned to Gamereactor for more on the survival horror based on the interview with Glen Schofield and on the hands-off presentation we attended.


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