Death Stranding

Gamers accuse Hideo Kojima of being egocentric

New Hideo Kojima message on twitter wasn't well-received by many fans who criticised him for taking credit for the work of his team.

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Hideo Kojima is one of the industry's most respected videogame producers, and his name at the head of a game carries more weight than the overwhelming majority. But what exactly is a "Hideo Kojima Game"?

Well, according to himself, it is a "declaration" that "the concept, production, original story, script, setting, game design, casting, direction, difficulty setting, promotion, visual design, editing, and supervision of merch", was made by him.

Players didn't take that statement too kindly though, as a game of this magnitude involves the work of hundreds of people. This led to jokes about the producer's "inflated ego", as you can see in the replies to your message on twitter, with some even accusing him of being egocentric.

Kojima has since put out a new Tweet stating the following: "DEATH STRANDING is developed by newly established Kojima Productions. Some staff came from my old team but many came to join from different game studios or totally different industries. We even have freshman employees. We received support from outsourcing, I thank them too" and it sure has a nicer tone to it than the previous one.

All we can say is that Hideo Kojima wasn't all that egocentric in an interview we did with him, at Tokyo Game Show and the original tone of his Tweet may well have been a nicer one lost in translation, however, the original Tweet has not been taken down. Check our interview out here.

Death Stranding

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