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Future GTA Online DLC to feature more of a "singleplayer element"

During an interview, Rockstar say they are looking to "inject more singleplayer" into GTA Online going forward.

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The latest GTA Online DLC has launched and because of that fans have been deep in the Cayo Perico heist action, completing its crazy story either alone or cooperatively. With a successful release behind them, Rockstar's Tarek Hamad and Scott Butchard recently spoke with GQ about how the DLC's launch went and what the future holds for the massively popular online GTA experience, and it seems we might be getting more of what Cayo Perico brought to the table.

Butchard said; "It's something that's been on our minds for quite some time and the community has been vocal about it. It's something we're keen to carry forward. We want to respect teams and players who want to play co-op. But at the same time still allow solo players to still get just as valid an experience out of it. There's perks to both."

He further continued by stating; "I think you can see that with Online and I think going forward we're going to inject more of that singleplayer element in there."

No mention of GTA 6 popped up at all during the interview, but that doesn't mean we can't be excited for more GTA Online goodness down the line.

Grand Theft Auto V

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