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Free Resogun update, including local co-op, goes live

Also adds ship editor, resets leaderboards ahead of paid-for DLC pack out later this week.

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Housemarque have released a new free update for their PS4 launch shooter Resogun, which brings with a number of front end changes to the game.

Along with a custom ship editor that lets you set your ride's attributes and share your creations with friends online, there'll be extra Trophies and full local co-op support rolled into the game.

The team are also ironing out bugs and loopholes that have been used by players to maximise their highscores, and as a result, are resetting the current leaderboards (previous online highscores will be preserved in a Hall of Fame section forevermore).

You can get full details (as well as info on the paid-for Heroes DLC released later this week) from the PS Blog.


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