Fortnite is getting a new matchmaking system and bots

Changes behind the scenes will result in a more balanced experience for everyone, according to Epic.

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Epic Games has revealed some big changes are coming to the battle royale matchmaking system in Fortnite, and they're set to be introduced with update v10.40.

Via improved matchmaking logic, the system will match players of similar skill levels, providing fairer matches to everyone. At least, that's the plan. Epic says it is going to move slowly and as it launches the new matchmaking system across all regions, in order to "monitor how it performs".

This isn't the only big change coming to Fortnite, as Epic also confirmed the introduction of bots to the game. These bots were designed to fill empty seats on the old Battle Bus, but as players improve their skill levels, they are less likely to encounter bots in their matches. Bots, however, will not participate in competitive playlists.

Just like the aforementioned revisions to the matchmaking system, bots will be introduced in a controlled and monitored manner, with Epic promising that they'll "behave similarly to normal players and will help provide a better path for players to grow in skill."


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