Flashback 2

Flashback 2 announced for consoles and PC

It will launch in 2022.

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Back in 1992, one of the most influential games in our lovely industry was released for Amiga; Flashback. In 1993 it was released for Mega Drive as well with more formats following. It became a huge hit, got a sequel called Fade to Black in 1995 and has been occasionally re-released since then. There was also a crappy remake released in 2013 and a 25th Anniversary edition launched in 2018.

Now Microids has decided to give the original a numbered sequel, and writes this on Twitter:

"Flashback 2 is in production and will launch in 2022 on consoles and PC. Stay tuned for more information."

And that is unfortunately about all the information we have. If agent Conrad B. Hart is back and what the story is all about, is currently unknown and we'll just have to wait and see. Considering that it is published by Microids, we assume "consoles" means PlayStation 4/5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.

Flashback 2

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