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Five new radio stations are coming to GTA Online

It's the biggest musical update so far to GTA Online.

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Rockstar has revealed that GTA Online will receive its biggest musical update since its inception later this week. Five new radio stations will be added, as well as a staggering 250 new tracks from a diverse pool of different genres.

As detailed within a blog post, Kult FM 99.1 will be hosted by Strokes vocalist Julian Casablancas and will feature a playlist of alternative rock tracks. Slipping Los Santos will feature a mix of house, techno, and drum and bass and is presented by Joy Orbison. Worldwide FM will play a selection of New London Jazz and disco. Flylo FM is special in that it features original material from artist Flying Lotus, and lastly, The Music Locker will bring "the sets and sounds of the hottest new club in Los Santos."

You can read more about all of these new stations here.

Grand Theft Auto V

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