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Fight fires and save civilians in Firegirl

The action platformer by Dejima Games will be arriving on PC and consoles this fall.

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Thunderful Publishing and Dejima Games has announced at the Guerrilla Collective 2, a new action rescue platformer, with roguelite elements known as Firegirl. This game sees you take up the role of a young fire rescue officer who is tasked with rebuilding a local fire station, where she is asked to douse flaming infernos and save civilians across a procedurally generated city.

Firegirl gives players three minutes to save as many people as possible using a fireaxe and a pressure hose (that doubles as a jetpack) as a way to pass through each level. The game even comes with a variety of upgradeable options that will make Firegirl's gear even more effective when facing the deadly pyro-monsters that are setting all of the fires.

"Firefighting is such a thrilling setup to create our vision of an action rescue platformer," said Dejima founder Julien Ribassin. "We wanted to capture the sense of imminent danger that comes facing this natural disaster and translate it into a whimsical arcade adventure."

If you're interested in picking up the game, it will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch this fall. Take a look at a few screenshots from the game below.


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