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Fear the Wolves

Fear the Wolves heading to Steam Early Access on July 18

Vostok Games outlines the plan moving forward.

Vostok Games and Focus Home Interactive just got in touch to confirm that Stalker-inspired battle royale shooter Fear the Wolves is heading to Steam Early Access on July 18, where it'll likely remain until some point in 2019.

Fear the Wolves, which apparently will be getting a beta before the launch of the early access version later this month, is set in Chernobyl and true to the heritage of the studio (many of the devs were heavily involved with the Stalker series) there's going to be an immersive sim edge to the action, with mutated enemies and radioactive weather throwing additional elements into the mix.

The latest dev update on Steam also confirms a few interesting details, including endgame extraction mechanics: "The first Early Access version already features the core gameplay and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. vibe, and there is much more already in development," the studio wrote.

"A new map and mode, gameplay features like leaning and crawling, more weapons, items, mutants, and weather - expect regular, large content patches, with a full plan of the update timeline available on the Steam page throughout development."

The studio dropped a new trailer for the game during E3, and you can watch that below, as well as check out the most recent screenshots released by Vostok.

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