Fear the Wolves

Fear the Wolves gets a number of new features

Chernobyl set battle royale FPS is undergoing major changes.

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Fear the Wolves is a promising first-person shooter set in Chernobyl and filled with packs of deadly wolves and even deadlier players. It's battle royale with a twist, but it's also a game that hasn't been living up to its potential with the game launching in a relatively rough state. Developer Vostok Games is looking to change that, however.

The latest patch for the game includes a number of changes, including "secret stashes" that players need to find via treasure maps found out in the wilderness. Players will also need to access certain buildings using a fire axe, animations and sounds have improved (in particular when everyone drops into the game at the start), and players can now win the game via rooftop helicopter extractions.

Perhaps most important of all, animal behaviours have been updated with hardier and more aggressive wolves with improved attack patterns for players to contend with. You can add to that weapon balancing, improvements to the "shooting feeling", and a "host of quality of life tweaks, bug fixes, and minor additions."

Fear the Wolves

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