Red Dead Redemption 2

Fear of the Dark is Red Dead Redemption 2's Halloween event

The Halloween update brings a new game mode, new cosmetic items, and a new legendary bounty.

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Fear of the Dark is the new Red Dead Redemption 2 game mode, bringing Halloween to the game's online counterpart. This is essentially team deathmatch with a spin, as one group of players controls regular hunter while another group of players controls powerful Creatures of the Night. The hunters will need to find the masks that feed the creatures, making them weaker, and then killing them all to win. The Creatures of the Night players will need to either kill all the hunters or survive until the timer expires.

Fear of the Dark will be live up until November 12, but there's more to do in this Halloween.

Tobin Winfield is the new legendary bounty, a corrupt ex-mayor that was last seen in Thief's Landing. Lastly, players can also access new cosmetic items, including hats, jackets, skirts, and boots. For further information on Red Dead Online's Halloween, click here.

Red Dead Redemption 2

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