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DMC Devil May Cry

Fake DMC reviews?

Ninja Theory tweets warning.

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Game developer Ninja Theory tweeted a series of messages warning their followers of reviews written by reviewers who had not been playing review code of DMC Devil May Cry.

First tweet read as follows:

"Happy that no genuine review has been under 89% so far."

Naturally some folks picked up on the genuine part and asked for clarification.

"I was referring to some reviews where the writer hasn't received review code and not even played the game. It happens!"

"Genuine review = one where the reviewer has actually played the game. Sometimes people make up reviews without actually playing the game. "

We haven't been able to locate any fake reviews online, but perhaps Ninja Theory are countering some of the negative attention the new Dante has been getting.

Anyway, expect the online review embargo to lift next week ahead of the release.

DMC Devil May Cry

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