Dungeons 2

ESRB rating suggests Dungeons 2 heading to PS4

Kalypso seems to be bringing several strategy games to Sony's console.

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Dungeons 2 was recently released for PC, and it seems like a pretty decent offering for those who long to bring back the good old Dungeon Keeper days. Now it looks as if it's also heading to PS4, as ESRB lists Sony's console as one of the platforms for the game. So far this can only be seen as a rumor, as Kalypso or Realmforge hasn't said anything official on the matter.

Kalypso just released Tropico 4 on PS4, so the company has already a bit of an experience of porting strategy titles to consoles. So it certainly wouldn't be shocking if Dungeons 2 also made it out on Sony's console.

Dungeons 2

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