Empire of Sin

Empire of Sin to bring mod support in free Precinct update

And the first free content update dropped yesterday.

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The Romero Games-developed strategy title Empire of Sin welcomed the Gangster Update just yesterday, marking the title's shift from balancing and stabilising patches to the addition of new content. The Gangster Update is bringing a whole range of new features, including improvements to diplomacy, an updated weapon proficiency system, as well as adjustments to gangsters, combat, and factions, among other stuff.

But, that wasn't all that was revealed, as Romero Games also revealed that it will be launching the free Precinct update later this year, set to bring the first iteration of mod support to the strategy title. There has been no word as to when exactly this patch will land, but a press release has also revealed that Precincts will also bring a new management system to help synergise and control your neighbourhoods, as well as new win conditions.

"While there's always work to do and improvements to make, Empire of Sin has reached a point where we feel we can start shifting our focus towards more new ideas, like we've done so far with things like autoresolve, weapon proficiencies, the safehouse rework, and more," said Brenda Romero, Game Director on Empire of Sin and CEO of Romero Games. "Of course, we'll always work to respond to any issues raised by our community, but starting with The Precinct, you'll see the patch notes include a lot more in the 'new features' section than ever before!"

You can access the free Gangster update today, and Precincts will arrive "later this year".

Empire of Sin

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