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EA responds to Fox News

"Bulletstorm is a work of fiction"

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As mentioned earlier today, Fox News have tied together video games like Bulletstorm with rape - using a quote from psychologist Carol Lieberman, who stated that "increase in rapes can be attributed in large part to the playing out of [sexual] scenes in video games." When asked about the whole affair by Gameinformer, EA's vice president of public, Tammy Schachter issued a response saying that the company (together with Epic and People Can Fly) "support the right of artists to create works of entertainment fiction."

"Bulletstorm is rated M for Mature for blood and gore, intense violence, partial nudity, sexual themes, strong language and use of alcohol. The game and its marketing adhere to all guidelines set forth by the ESRB; both are designed for people 17+. Never is the game marketed to children."


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