EA Sports College Football 25

EA is paying university football players $600 to appear in EA Sports College Football 25

Due to former rules, in older games student athletes were prohibited from being paid for having their likeness used.

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It has been revealed that EA will be paying the student athletes used in EA Sports College Football 25. Due to changes in the rules that university athletes in the competitive division must abide by, they are now allowed to be financially compensated for having their likeness used in the upcoming sports game.

As for how much money EA is dishing out to get these athletes in the title, ESPN notes that contracts have been sent to up to 134 schools in the first division of college football action and that athletes are set to be paid $600 to have their likeness included in the game.

The contract is said to also be opt-in, meaning an athlete can choose to not have their name, image, or likeness represented in the game, or choose to opt-out of future editions in the series instead. Likewise, athletes are to be paid on an annual basis.

It's said that around 11,000 players are to be featured in EA Sports College Football 25, meaning EA will be looking to fork out around $6.6 million to pay all the appearing athletes, a fee that no doubt is minor compared to other development costs.

EA Sports College Football 25

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