Dungeon Keeper

Dungeon Keeper's mistakes were a "shame" says EA

Mobile update wasn't as good as it could have been Wilson acknowledges.

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The mobile version of cult classic Dungeon Keeper, that was released earlier this year, wasn't great (to put it mildly). Now, EA boss Andrew Wilson has recognised that the game was a mistake and has admitted that they didn't do the best job possible with the IP.

"For people who'd grown up playing Dungeon Keeper there was a disconnect there. In that aspect we didn't walk that line as well as we could have. And that's a shame".

Wilson has acknowledged the mistakes made with regards to Battlefield 4 and now Dungeon Keeper, which is positive as far as we're concerned. Minor bugs and less greedy free-to-play mechanics sounds like the way forward to us.

Dungeon Keeper

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