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Prey 2

Domain names for Prey 2 and 3 re-registered

Are we in for a re-reveal at E3?

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Do you remember Prey and the very troubled development of the sequel, which was delayed, cancelled and then just sort of disappeared (but was rumoured to be in development at Arkane Studios). There has been plenty of rumours as of late claiming that Prey 2 might make a comeback at Bethesdas E3 press conference next month, and this just got a little more likely. Both domains and have been re-registered and are as of now pointing to a protected Facebook page.

Bethesda hasn't commented on this find, but hopefully this means we might get to see the new Prey 2 on June 12.

Prey 2
There's nothing to suggest that Arkane Studios used any of the work done by Human Head, it could be a completely different game we'll see next month. If it is shown...

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